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Bentley Bentayga For Rent in Dubai

The Bentley Bentayga for rent in Dubai is the best unique and high-performance sport utility vehicle. It’s one of our most powerful SUVs in the fleet of Sports Car Rental in Dubai. It delivers unmatched luxury and astonishing performance to those who intend to drive one thing more significant than an SUV. Reaching from within, you can quickly tackle a journey of discovery and passion. This Bentley is everything you will expect from an SUV produced through Bentley. It is one of the most elegant, hand-built, all-terrain vehicles ever. Moreover, the car is innovative, with speed, and energy integrated to deliver an extraordinary steering encounter. Thus, the SUV is adapted to your distinct preference using unrivaled levels of personalization with a broad array of possibilities.

This particular Bentley Bentayga‘s exterior build is refined. Thus, for this reason, you will experience content steering around or even showcasing it to your close friends. About the interior, the leather-trimmed interior seats offer stylish comfort that prepares you for the exciting adventure ahead. Improved connectivity attributes, such as Apple CarPlay and the Bluetooth phone system, ensure maximum pleasure is liable for the drive. The more elevated cabin includes a smooth, soft, and tactile textile that adds an innovative look to your Bentley.

However, this vehicle includes a 6.0 L V12 engine capable of generating 600 hp. On top of that, the engine has an 8-speed transmission, allowing it to reach its full throttle of 300km per hr in only a few seconds. The car has 22-inch tires, which advance high above the ground and can be handy during off-road driving.

If you are traveling to Dubai and also want to rent out a luxury SUV, think about the new Bentley Bentayga for hire in Dubai. You can quickly get this sport utility vehicle at Sports Car Rental, which functions in Dubai and UAE. Reserving our rental cars is effortless as you can do it online. The car is within reach to you at the airport or anywhere in the UAE.

However, you can contact us currently for amazing offers! Look at our selection – Bentley For Rent in Dubai for additional exclusive Bentley Cars.

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Bentley Bentayga

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